Friday, November 16, 2007

Someone Who Cares

In one of the many videos my father dutifully filmed of my siblings' and my childhood, a tender moment is caught between my brother, aged four, and my sister, aged sitting-in-a-high-chair. Her little blonde head is meandering around, spastically watching some, possibly nonexistent, thing. He is hovering over her, clearly caught in a moment of intense emotion, holding a bowl of rice chex and desperately trying to shove plastic-covered-spoonfuls into her mouth. It's the dialogue that really makes the shot priceless. He insistently repeats, "It's hard to find someone who cares! It's just so hard to find someone who cares!" Indeed it is, little David, indeed it is. Hard to find someone who cares enough to feed you something of great value while you sit in a high-chair lolling your head around, distracted by nothing at all.

I, however, have found someone who cares. Boy does she care. My pal Ash CARES.

Tomorrow is the International Day of Action Against Big Box Stores and Ash, who believes in the good of mankind and hope for our future, has planned a parade in its honor. I will be unable to attend the parade, which I find horrifying and obscene, because I will be in my last day of Rape Crisis training, but you should go! It will be fun! There will be a float!

Do it for Ash; be someone who cares.

P.S. If you don't know why Big Box Stores are a bad idea, here's a good explanation


missy. said...

what?! when did you start a blog?? last i heard from you, you were too worried about being sucked into an endless vortex of time-wasting...

and i am SO glad that you gave in to the temptation :)

i'm in salt lake. and i miss you two.

Kate said...
You have NO idea about how much she cares until you read this post.

Jackie said...

Amy- OK- trying this out.
Sorry I am not quite as game as my very verbacious (just for you) daughter. How about Jackie Pefahrson? Yes, I think I prefer this name.