Friday, July 20, 2012

Extra, extra! News!

We're moving!

After years (six) of living in Utah and complaining about the weather, the politics, and the neighborhood crime (including our house being burglarized, our taillights being stolen while the vehicle was parked in our driveway, and, two days ago, four cop cars with officers spilling out, guns drawn, at a man parked across the street) we have finally created an action plan.  We are moving!  To the Bay Area!

In five days!

Thankfully, I began packing our belongings in April, hoping to Manifest a move in July (check!) so it has been a very leisurely process and is largely completed.  On Wednesday morning, Forrest and I board a plane to Oakland and lucky, lucky Ryan climbs into a U-haul and we head for Life 2.0.

This is all very exciting, but, of course, a touch bittersweet. Any out-of-state move that isn't bittersweet is most likely a sign of a life not lived to its fullest potential, I guess, but, still, the sting stings.  I will miss my many wonderful friends here, not to mention my baby niece, but I have no ambivalence, which is either evidence of a good decision or my unwarranted self-confidence, but seems a good sign in either case.

We found a place to live that is one mile from Ryan's sister (and Forrest's two cousins) and the gym, two miles from the public library and the farmer's market, and three miles from Costco and Target, which is the exact prioritization I would have selected.  It will rain instead of snow, which is my strong preference.  And the ocean will be a short drive away, which is always heartening.

So!  The next time you have a conference, or a family reunion, or a hankering to see the Jelly Belly factory, come on down and I'll make you pancakes.

Also, Ryan is currently watching me type this which hampers my creativity and is also distracting because he is eating a sandwich of canned baked beans and cheddar cheese.  You couldn't think if someone were sitting four feet away from you eating that, admit it.

California, here we come!