Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby's firsts

I think The Kid had his first successful rollover yesterday. I did not capture the event, as I was not excited about it. Mobility=hassle. I've seen parents of toddlers. They're busy trying to keep their kids from killing themselves.

There have been a couple other firsts, however, about which I was thrilled. The first was his first playdate. He is going to have to learn to love hanging out with other kids so I can hang out with their moms.
I think they enjoyed it, too. They seemed to share some perspective. Like they were looking at life from the same angle, if you will.

Both boys are robust. However my child is only two weeks older than the other boy and looked substantially bigger to me. This is not surprising. He weighs 17 lbs 5 oz. Now I know why he kept hollering for more food in utero. He had plans for those calories.

The other first is that this morning, I discovered baby's first dreadlock. It is small, but unmistakable.
This was acquired in the night. A person has to be serious about their tossing and turning to dread their barely-existing hair while they are asleep.

I am here to verify the tossing and turning.

He does sleep occasionally. Here is proof:

I still prefer him awake, though. The kid knows how to party.

That is all. Forgive the lack of funny stories or flowery prose. We're a little tired around here. Tired, but good. Actually, great. We are all just great.

The Kid is a good idea.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Should've named him Winston

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:
I suppose all we can hope is that his command of language is sufficient to obscure the effects of his whiskey habit.

He isn't always grumpily impersonating world leaders of the twentieth century, though. Here. He smiles.

More cute photos by Kat Audette here. (If you want more crappy iPhone photos, you'll have to keep checking here.) She is a talented and delightful person; if you need photos taken in SLC, I'd recommend her!