Friday, July 31, 2009


Hello dear friends, stalwarts of the blogosphere. If you are reading this, clearly you are committed to staying on top of your friends' blogs, no matter how delinquent your friends may be. I compliment you.

Last year, I claimed I was too busy to blog. I think I was just too cranky. Now, as I bask in Summer Vacation (you're never too old!!!), busyness is no longer an excuse, so I present you with another: Unemployment.

I have decided not to return to working two jobs next year as I finish my graduate coursework (see above paragraph regarding crankiness). Consequently, I am working one very part-time job and waiting for school to start. Those of you who fantastize about having free time, perhaps a few hours absent the din of your squalling rugrats or crushing pressure of imminent work-related deadlines, may think that this is a prime opportunity to Get Things Done. You might be organizing your photos! Calling your Grandmother! Planning vacations with a humanitarian focus! Researching how to maximize your strawberry yield and perhaps make jam!

Let me tell you what I have been doing: eating out. And let me tell you why.

Ryan is also unemployed. He quit his job about a month ago and, although he spends considerable time brainstorming the next chapter in his professional development, he also spends considerable time suggesting we go out for pancakes.

At first it was innocent enough. He just quit his job, we figured, and deserved a little R&R. What says R&R like going out for breakfast after staying in bed until ten? Admittedly, it was blissful at first. But eating out is only fun once or twice--like anything, we quickly habituate to the new behavior and before long it seems as routine as its predecessor. Now, we are eating out like it's an acceptable way to feed ourselves. Like we're on vacation forever.

I tremble to think of looking at our credit card statement. Surely hundreds have been spent. In self-preservation, I have also hidden the scale in the linen closet.

Today Ryan is golfing and I am on call, which means I am sitting around in case my pager goes off. I really ought to go organize those pictures.

If you need me, I'll be at IHOP.

I hope school starts soon.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Gender Bender

I read this post and thought I would come clean to the world myself. I'm not the girl you might have thought...

1) I LOVE lifting weights. Until I'm gonna puke. Or pass out.
2) I don't shave my legs or armpits.
3) I hate shopping.
4) I like watching mixed martial arts a.k.a. "Ultimate Fighting".
5) I hate Jane Austen. Hate.
6)I can sing the tenor line better than the soprano.
7) Babies creep me out quite a bit.
8) I think the best hair cut is a buzz and, if there weren't serious social consequences, I would buy some clippers and get on with my life.
9) I like how women look naked.
10) I think bridal and baby showers are bor-ing.
11) I never remember to send Thank You notes.

I do plenty of womanly things, too, but, sometimes, it's fun to tabulate all the ways one is just a little different. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go find some brownies and chat on the phone while listening to Joni Mitchell.