Friday, July 10, 2009

Gender Bender

I read this post and thought I would come clean to the world myself. I'm not the girl you might have thought...

1) I LOVE lifting weights. Until I'm gonna puke. Or pass out.
2) I don't shave my legs or armpits.
3) I hate shopping.
4) I like watching mixed martial arts a.k.a. "Ultimate Fighting".
5) I hate Jane Austen. Hate.
6)I can sing the tenor line better than the soprano.
7) Babies creep me out quite a bit.
8) I think the best hair cut is a buzz and, if there weren't serious social consequences, I would buy some clippers and get on with my life.
9) I like how women look naked.
10) I think bridal and baby showers are bor-ing.
11) I never remember to send Thank You notes.

I do plenty of womanly things, too, but, sometimes, it's fun to tabulate all the ways one is just a little different. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go find some brownies and chat on the phone while listening to Joni Mitchell.


ixoj said...

And I don't think there's anything wrong with that at all.

Wren said...

I hate Jane Austen TOO!


Kate said...

Ha. I was just going to suggest you read that Apron Stage article... looks like you beat me to the punch.

I say embrace the buzz. I mean, are you a real Feminazi or aren't you?

missy. said...

I am totally with you on numbers 3, 5, 6 and 10, in particular.

I am so NOT with you on number 4. Blech.

And also: shut up, you love babies :) said...

it is because baby showers/wedding showers are boring.

amy said...

Missy, I hated mixed martial arts until spectating with Ryan. It's not violent like it seems! And the strategy! (I know, I'm not likely to get e convert out of you...just trying to defend my bizarre behavior). Also, I love the babies and want their welfare...but I'm still not pregnant ;)

Lesli, Amen.

The Copes said...

Be that as it may, you're still the person who taught me the magic of liquid eyeliner. That+girlsmobile USA.

sara said...

dear aunt pam:

you're my kind of lady.


sara evelyn vraner

Jen said...

I think this is why I have always liked you so much. I have always got along better with men than with women, though I am learning sister power as I age.

Melyngoch said...

Damn. I am just not manly enough.