Saturday, July 2, 2011

Should've named him Winston

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:
I suppose all we can hope is that his command of language is sufficient to obscure the effects of his whiskey habit.

He isn't always grumpily impersonating world leaders of the twentieth century, though. Here. He smiles.

More cute photos by Kat Audette here. (If you want more crappy iPhone photos, you'll have to keep checking here.) She is a talented and delightful person; if you need photos taken in SLC, I'd recommend her!


Anita said...

That is just too cute!

Liz Johnson said...

This bodes so well for his future! I am so happy about this impersonation.

Jen said...

For some reason whenever I see a cute baby I just want to pinch and kiss and say words like cuddle snuggle buggle wuggle woo. Congratulations, mother of the future leader of the free world.