Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween: a day like any other

Children love Halloween. Once people get older, somehow it becomes a day when it's acceptable to dress like a hooker (disguised as a nurse, devil, bunny, schoolteacher, you name it, those hooker costumes take all kinds) but for kids it is a day of fun and fancy, to plan and create a costume where, just for one day, everything is weird and that makes it special. Also, there is candy. You have already heard all about that, though, so we will move on. Well, I decided that Halloween was going to be a grand old time this year for me too. Why should kids get to have all the fun? I woke up, eager to put on my costume and spend the day feeling festive. But my to-do list waits for no man, so i was off, in my pumpkin sack, to the gym.

Ok, I took off the suit before I got all sweaty, but I definitely wore it in there and, not surprisingly, I turned a few heads. The only other people wearing costumes were under age five. I guess grown-ups don't get to wear fun costumes all day, although I did hear that my friend Kate's mother, a prosecuting attorney, wore a witch hat in court. So perhaps there is hope yet. I planned to wear my costume all day and do several errands, but then I accidentally made cupcakes instead so I didn't get as much publicity (or as many photos) as I would have liked. They weren't even pumpkin cupcakes, they were carrot. And they weren't that good. Oops.

In the evening I went to a party at Sophie's house (pretty girl in the middle). Her whole family seemed to think that Halloween was really important, which I appreciated. So did Kate and Neil (visit them at!).

In case you can't instantly tell, they are dressed as Southern California, which I thought, though irreverent, was genius, and finely executed. My favorite costume was this girl I didn't know:

Can you tell what she is? Leave a comment if you figure it out (not if you already know, because that's cheating) and I'll tell you tomorrow.


Katie said...

Is she dressed as a Mormon? The t-shirt under the sleeveless dress is a dead giveaway.

ryan said...
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amy said...

no, but i'll give you a hint, it's not a dress, it's a slip. look closely...