Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Cry for Help

My reasons for creating this blog were twofold:

1) In the interest of my grandmother, who doubtless reads my haphazard missives at her many brunches, lunches, and teas
2) In order to avoid constructing a Curriculum Vitae

I do not know about the first, but my second objective has been met most successfully. I have not typed one syllable into anything resembling a vita. However, when I woke up this morning I realized that my nonexistent vita is due in precisely one calendar month; without it my application to grad school will be incomplete, my dreams dashed, and my future as a helpless destitute ensured.

If anyone has a penchant for writing CVs and could point me in the right direction, I'd be most obliged.


Zillah said...

to which school/program are you applying?

maybe a good way to start would be to make a list of what you did in terms of work/volunteering/schooling each year beginning w/ your freshman year. and then you're supposed to do something else w/ it, but i'm not to that point yet.

amy said...

it's a counseling psych program at the U.

I already have a resume which I have been fairly good about updating over the years, though it could probably use a red-pen. my trick is trying to figure out how a resume differs from a CV in terms of formatting and then transpose my resume info into a CV template of some kind. basically, it's a hassle, and way less fun than finding old pictures of robert plant online :)

Jen said...

Since I know nothing about CVs, I looked it up on Wikipedia. And it redirected me to the resume' entry. It seems they are synonymous. The only difference I could gather is that a CV is totally comprehensive, whereas most resumes seem to be limited to a single page of the most recent stuff.