Monday, November 26, 2007

Hibernation Station

Something about being back in my parents house resets my internal clock (and, frankly, much of my personality) to the Teenager setting. I don't know what it is, but I find myself sleeping in until noon and neglecting all outside interests and responsibilities, such as visiting dear friends of mine who still live in the area and hemming my pants/eating vegetables/posting on my blog/etc. respectively.

Oh well.

Thanksgiving was lovely (exception: the aforementioned assault of my teenager personality). Everyone did a good job of making food with unmitigated amounts of butter. I personally contributed somewhere in the neighborhood of a pound of butter to the event, disguised as yams (which were excellent) and three botched chocolate decadence cakes (which were [barely] edible). I thought it was the oven, but have since concluded that Williams Sonoma has failed me (a first) and that it was the recipe's fault, so don't make it. It looks good; don't be fooled. I should have known better than to make a dessert that contains two measley tablespoons of sugar.

Oh well.

Ryan made good cauliflower that involved cheese and mayonnaise and I suspect contributed to my postprandeal angina.
Interestingly, the Paradise Pumpkin Pie (please excuse embarrassing name) that I made in an effort to use up the last of the Thanksgiving accoutrements was really good, despite its more humble origins than its decadent predecessors. I made it on a whim and, although it had all the chicness of it Village Inn impersonators, people seemed to really like it. I guess you never know.

Being here in the late autumn makes me homesick. I love the way the gray skies light up the trees; fortunately the late summer meant I arrived just in time to bid farewell to the colors. Utah is nice and everything, but there's no place like home.


Kelsey said...

I was highly concerned this weekend about what kind of non-salted veggies you would be eating instead of really delicious things. I'm glad to see my prayers were answered.

Michelle said...

I was about to be all sad that I didn't see you guys when you were here, and then I realized that I wasn't here anyway. So never mind.

amy said...

michelle, dont be all sad unless you will also be out of town this christmas- we will be here again for approximately one million weeks and we have no plans other than to see yer pretty face.