Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Many Faces of Robert Plant

I haven't given too much thought to Robert Plant lately, until I was pleasantly greeted on NPR a few days ago by the recent compilation he made with Alison Krauss: Raising Sand. The clips I heard were soulful and beautiful; a definite departure from the variety of soul with which Plant is typically associated, but sweet and lovely nonetheless. I drifted into the nice smooshie coziness of driving with the heat on and beautiful music playing, and determined I would obtain the album by any means necessary.

Upon further inspection, I don't care for the entire album, but what I like I like a great deal. May I recommend tracks 2, 6 and 13--you can hear them for free on the site.

Perusal of the website provided not just a musical Robert Plant update, but a photographic update as well. I was content to retain my visage of Robert Plant as the fellow depicted above; a sex-symbol rock star and a tragic victim of the associated lifestyle. I presumed he had dropped off the face of the earth, literally or figuratively, never to be seen again. But there he was, a little scary but alive and well. I guess I'm glad to see the years of debauchery and abuse haven't stopped him from showing up with a pretty girl on his arm.


Zillah said...

he's actually looking much better than when i saw him on letterman about 6 years ago, wearing some sort of caftan/poncho monstrosity.

i don't think that anything can stop robert plant from having a pretty girl on his arm.

Anonymous said...

Robert Plant of yore was a true beauty.
Sad someone once soooo beautiful could lose all his fine looks with age.