Monday, November 26, 2007

Engagement Pictures

I have always been a little freaked out by my mother's refrigerator, plastered with the gleaming smiles of the soon-to-be-wed, recently-post-pubescent in our extended friend circle. Their shining little mormon faces, brimming with anticipation, in cloroxed glory. I always found them homogeneous (the jury's still out...) and, thus, I did not want any such pictures to be taken at the time of my nuptials. No sir.
What a fool. My rebellious inclination has doomed me to begging photographically inclined family members to take belated engagement pictures for the rest of time (is this the thirteenth circle of hell?), trying to capture our happiness at Life Together and excitement for Our Future.
What I am trying to say is, if we were getting married next month, I think this would be the picture I would choose for your refrigerator. Sorry I didn't send you one two years ago.


Kelsey said...

I'm just going to comment on your blog as much as I like. I intended to have some restraint, but no. I am excited to print this out on our fancy ecuadorian b&w printer and post it on our fridge. It will be the first we have. Congrats on your photo.

Zillah said...

booty n grace! booty n grace!

Kristin said...

I for one loved getting a random email letting me know you got hitched. At first I was shocked, and then I got a good little chuckle. Made my day.

Jen said...

Aw shucks. That's just precious.

And my thoughts on the infamous random email were, "It figures." How polite not to let us all feel guilty that we couldn't make it because we were busy working at the Lumber Yard.

Tess said...

hello Pamy! I haven't seen you in a while. I like your engagement photo :) I like your hair do, too. I also have short hair now since I cut mine over thanksgiving. I need to visit you soon, school sucks. But even if we haven't seen eachother in a while I still read your blog so i feel updated in a way. See you soon, tess.

Kate said...

If I recall, the length of your engagement would not have allowed time for such things as a woodsy photo shoot... let alone the printing and mailing process.
Your lack of a photo invite was about as much of a protest as my skipping an errand to the pharmacy because I am already late for work!
Now we can all pin it up on our digital fridges :)

Austin said...

I read your blog.

Great picture, you two look great.