Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So these are my people

Neil, this one's for you.


Kate said...

Brilliant. Truly brilliant. Helps you get a real good visual on what you are actually consuming when you eat ice cream instead of Rice Dream.

Neil said...

Nothing like passing the suffering of dairy cows onto women. I think the truly ethical thing would be for Ben & Jerry's to require each patron to lactate enough of their own milk for the product they are buying, thus passing any lactation pains directly to the consumers of the products. Like a gas tax.

missy. said...

wait...are you a PETA fan, pamy? what about this issue?

amy said...

ack. no, not a PETA fan. just didn't think "these people share a small portion of my values, but also espouse heinousities of the highest" had the same ring to it, as a title i mean.

i may have been mistaken, come to think of it.

just thought the article was funny for anyone who has ever heard a good old fashioned pamy tirade about breastmilk ;)

thanks for linking to the article. EVERYONE!! NOW HEAR THIS!!! CHECK OUT MISSY'S LINK!!!

missy. said...

yes, i suppose that title doesn't really have the same ring to it :)

ooh, and while we're checking out missy's links AND we're all in the mood for some good old-fashioned breastmilk hilarity, have you seen this one?

i mostly like it because of the song at the end. some parts of it creep me out a little bit, i'm not gonna lie.