Friday, September 5, 2008

Another reason

To avoid cesareans.

Incidentally, I find the terms v-bactivist, lactivist and intactivist supremely satisfying, in a nerdy-english-major/dr. seuss kind of way. They make me want to create really confusing t-shirts.


Jami said...

"Surgery can create more problems than it solves." Weird.

It is 11:00 pm here in Hawaii, and all I want is to call you, but the time zones aren't going my way. What I really want to know is what your confusing "-ivist" t-shirts will say, and if I can buy one for each member of my family.

j & rachel kirkham said...

How do you feel about those of us that have to have a c-section?

amy said...

hey rachel! why do you need to have a c-section?

i didn't know you were expecting! congratulations!

j & rachel kirkham said...

Thanks Pamy! Yeah I'm 19 weeks pregnant and have a condition the requires me to have a c-section or my uterus will rupture. In fact I will be delivered 3 months early due to the same condition.

Still nervous about the whole being pregnant thing...3 miscarriages will do that to you. Hopefully this one will stick.

amy said...

wow, that sounds scary, rachel. if you're ok sharing, i'd be really curious to hear what the condition is. i remember some discussion of endometriosis when we were freshmen in college, but never heard anything after that time...

in response to your first comment, i feel very hopeful for those of you who have to have c-sections! cesareans are a great benefit to those women who need them, it's just insane how many women go under the knife for no legitimate reason. elective cesarean should be a crime, in my opinion, because of the increased associated risks etc. that said, since you are one of the few ladies out there who will benefit from the procedure i will momentarily change my tune: i am really glad you can have a c-section. i hope everything goes perfectly and your recovery is swift and tolerable. i know you have a fabulous husband to take care of you!

good luck with everything, you friend of mine. i will be thinking of you.