Tuesday, September 9, 2008

They got me

The Pampered Chef party was not the silly foray I had hoped for, largely because the Pampered Chef herself took the whole affair so seriously (the nerve!). I will admit to an inner (thankfully, thankfully inner) giggle fit when she mentioned a particular pan would be good for making, say, chicken parmesan, looked at me and said "Oh, you probably don't eat that, do you? Well, veal parmesan, then? Do you eat that?" Poor lady. Someone needs to tell her that veal is made from the FLESH OF BABY COWS, but I didn't. Instead, I just responded, bleakly, "Probably not" and shared a look with all my equally incredulous guests.

I entered into the idea of a Pampered Chef party flippantly, I'll admit it. I thought it would be silly fun, and I was sure I was above a multi-level-mentality. I never saw myself hoping other people would buy things out of personal self-interest. I'm not above self-interest in general, I just wasn't aware mine extended so easily into the world of kitchen implements.

But it did! So now, out of a mostly self-interested motivation to obtain more silicone spatulas (here's hoping honesty makes up for selfishness on the virtue-o-meter), I would like to advise you that if you go to this website and enter my name and buy anything I get more free stuff. If you order more than$60 worth of gear, you also get free stuff. You have until Thursday, and if you want to order something after Thursday just tell me and I will extend the show longer. I am ashamed to beseech the internet in a manner so unseemly, but I figure, if I were going to buy a mixing bowl anyway and buying it through your weird Pampered Chef thing got you a free chopper, well, I'd like to do it for you. So, if you are in the mood for any cool/useless gadget and think you might like to buy it this week, now you know the most altruistic way to do that. The mix n' chop thing you get for free actually seemed pretty cool when the cooking lady demo-ed it.

Dumb multi-level marketing, stripping me of my dignity like this. It's a good thing I have never been to a Tupperware Party. Something tells me that with my penchant for Jazzercise I may be just the kind of girl they are looking for. I'm a sucker for brand names from the eighties.


Kate said...

I'm still trying to figure out what about you made you think you weren't cut out for multi-level schemes? Was it your ability to completely throw your whole soul into a product a la Mane n' Tail or your exceedingly amazing insta-infomercial explanations of said products?
I'm surprised there isn't a natural energy drink out there rising to the top of the MLM market called Pame-tonic with a big picture of you winking on it.
All we have to do is get Ash under us in the scheme & we'll all be gazillionaires!

Kelsey said...

I can't believe you think a can strainer is useless. What about all those times that you spill out the corn in the straining process? Problem solved!

amy said...

kelsey, good point. i recommend you purchase five.

Jen said...

I gotta say, Pampered Chef is a party I go to when I can because I like to eat the food, and it's not like they're peddling jewel handled toilet plungers.

How about eggplant parmesan?

sterlingandbrandi said...

My sister-in-law threw me a Pampered Chef bridal shower where I got a gagillion thingies- and they are fantastic. So while I avoid those parties like the plague (knowing I can never say No to someone's face) I will say that you will heartily enjoy your gadgets. (I really like my food chopper even though it scares the crap out of my dogs and baby.)