Monday, September 1, 2008


Thank Missy for these fascinating tidbits about moi.

Favorite Color: Green. And purple. But mostly green.

Hometown: Beschwagg

Kids: Hypothetically

Number of Siblings: One brother, one sister.

Unknown Fact About Me: This picture is for real:

Favorite Store: I mostly hate shopping, especially in malls. I derive shameful enjoyment from Target, but my most favorite place to shop is at any Farmer's Market. Unless it is hot or crowded.

Worst Habit: Not vacuuming, not blogging, not showering. There, now you know everything.

Your Favorite Food: It used to be pizza and chocolate chip cookies, but now both of those delicious treats induce diabetic symptoms immediately upon consumption. I'll say peaches.

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Last movie at the theater: This disclosure is the most amazing thing you will ever read on this blog, so get ready: Iron Man. That's right, folks. I saw racist, sexist, monstrously inane Iron Man at the Dollar Theater when we had friends in town a few weeks ago.

Favorite TV show: I have no idea, haven't been big on TV since middle school. I consistently think The Simpsons is funny. To be honest, I'd probably gobble up any TV show you put in front of me because I have no defenses or discretion. I'd be texting my vote for America's Next Top Whateverthehell and running out to buy the fiber-infused gogurt I saw an ad for during the commercial break.

Favorite Sandwich: There needs to be cheese involved, and the cheese should be abundant and melty. Sometimes, it's worth the pain.

Listening to right now: Ryan singing nonsense songs. This would be the answer any time you asked this question.

Last thing you ate: Cafe Rio salad. If I were to tell you what I ate for dinner last night, though, I would tell you that I made butternut squash and apple soup with the firstfruits of my little brother's maiden gardening voyage, a Mediterranean couscous and lentil salad, mozzarella caprese with heirloom tomatoes from the farmer's market and basil from my balcony, vegan raisin carrot walnut muffins, and strawberry shortcake with lemon scones I made myself. I don't know how I made all that crap; it made me tired just typing it out.

Under your bed: Suitcases, plastic drawers holding socks and underwear, and a massage table.

Towns have you lived in: Ten, if memory serves.

Kelsey, you're it. Soon you will have a kid and I will feel guilty tagging you, so I gotta get while the getting's good.


Kate said...

Oh man, that dinner you described sounds truly scrumptious. Well, so does Cafe Rio I suppose. But, your fare sounds fit for a vegan queen.

Zillah said...

um...please come to south bend and cook all those things for me. and bring that cat.

mom said...

I love that you call still call David your "little" brother.