Thursday, October 2, 2008


I just sat in our truck for a good hour and a half listening to the vice presidential debate. This is more than I can say for my attentiveness during the presidential debate which I found painful to listen to. Tonight's debate was downright refreshing. The candidates didn't stumble and stab at one another, issues were discussed, it was really quite civilized (comma splices are allowed on personal blogs; you know who you are). I still think Nader should be allowed in the debates but, as two-party debates go, this one wasn't half bad.

I'll even give it up for Sarah Palin. I expected less, to be honest. If it hadn't been for her mispronunciation of nuclear (say it just like you spell it, ready? NU-CLEAR! there ya go!), the multiple references to Reagan, and, of course, that monstrous chant she is promoting (I almost can't type Drill, baby, drill! without throwing up on my computer), I would say she was reasonably pleasant to listen to. Mainly because of her cute lil' accent. Kinda Utahey (talking about eye-dill societies etc) but with a twist of South Dak-OH-tah. Charming, really.

I'm still voting for Nader and you should too. Go on, it's fun! Try it!


Kristin said...

Drill baby drill. My jaw dropped when I heard Giuliani leading it and my jaw dropped when she actually referred to it last night like it was something to be proud of. Do I live in the same world as these people?

I know this has nothing to do with anything you said, but while I'm on Giuliani and Palin, it also pissed me off when at the Republican convention they both mocked Obama for being a community organizer. Are you kidding me? Aren't patriotic Americans supposed to be proud of the fact that people, even poor people, can gather together and demand that the government represent them? Cause that's what Obama was doing. Freaking jerks.
p.s. it was also disgusting considering their previous night's theme was service. Argh.

ixoj said...

Actually, there is an acceptable alternate pronuncatiaion of "nuclear" and that, I'm much loathe to admit, is "nucular." It's common in both British and American dialects. (see the oed online or

I'm voting for Nader. Huzzah for a third party!

missy. said...

funny, because while we were watching the debate joe said, "you know, i bet if we were listening to this debate instead of watching, we wouldn't even pick up on how condescending and snarky she is." because her voice sounds all folksy and sweet, but her body language is incredibly snarky. and she's mean. and i'm not gonna lie: she makes me feel icky.

Jen said...

1. I like the new blog colors.

2. I loved the SNL skit Tina Fey and Amy Poehler did of Katie Couric/ Sarah Palin. I laughed pretty hard especially after I watched the actual clip of Palin's foreign policy quote. Whoa Nelly.

3. Go Nader. I'm glad I read your blog because I'm getting a lot of funny looks when I try to convince my loved ones to vote for Nader. Ah, rural Utah my home sweet home.