Tuesday, October 7, 2008


For anyone thinking of redoing their kitchen, I wanted to make sure you knew about this handy refrigerator/television super-appliance. This way, all the obese children won't even have to walk into the other room to get their Hot Pockets. They can just park in front of the fridge and feed all day.

I hate America. There. I said it.

*In case anybody comes back to read this post for any reason, I have to say I disagree with my last statement. I feel pretty neutral about America, but at times I resent the culture and values it represents. It's kind of gross to say I hate America, though, so I'm sorry.


Jacki said...

This is going to save me a ton on rent. Now I don't need a living room anymore, just a couple of video rockers in the kitchen. Awesome find.

Jacki said...

Also, LG is Korean. America can't be held responsible when the Asians keep exploiting our fatness. Our waists don't stand a chance against their brains.

Jen said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. (Continues to cackle.)

Austin said...

Careful, that might hurt your husband's future Presidential ambitions.