Monday, April 21, 2008


When I was born, the first words my father exclaimed were "We got a girl!"

The remark that immediately followed was "She's got Marty's [his brother] ears."

Nearly twenty five years later, on our honeymoon, Ryan and I stopped in the Bay Area on our way from Lake Tahoe to the Redwoods. We stayed in his parents' house (I know, lame to be a frugal honeymooner). I came bounding, pony-tailed, down the stairs of my in-laws' house and Ryan's mother, never having had a direct view before, squeaked "Ryan! She's got lee-tle ears!"

Indeed I do. They have won me the affection of many a female, as we are all trained to respond squealingly to anything smaller-than-usual from our first days of life. Miniature shampoo bottles, tiny muffins, and my ears all transport us back to our dollhouse days. On a few occasions, the ladies have requested to fondle my tiny ears; who was I to deny them?

Yesterday, Jacki and Adri, my sister-in-law and niece, came over to stave off boredom while the men in our lives studied for finals. We played and chatted and peek-a-boo'ed for awhile and then Jacki noticed something worth noticing. Have a close look at the ears part of this picture:

That's right, friends. My ears are the same size as this toddler's. This eighteen-month-old human. I have always maintained that my ears were not so much cute as syndromey...but I may have to reassess my position.

Now here's another picture of Adri so you can pass out upon beholding this, the Ultimate Cute:


Autumn and Barrett said...

How weird that you just called Jacki and Adri your sister-in-law and niece. And Adri does indeed join your ears in the halls of ultimate cuteness.

Jen said...

You probably have some small-ear related super power. You must discover and harness this power. Maybe it will help you eat the bat.

Amy Jane said...

Hey Pamy! Chris has freakishly small are not alone. and I also find them endearing. I've heard that the ears are one part of the body that never stops growing..hence the old men with the hugemungo ears. (ps we finally have a blog -

sterlingandbrandi said...

My chest is hurting somewhat at how cute it all is: the ears, the baby...