Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bat snax continued

I must say, I am overwhelmed by y'all's votes of confidence. It seems like if I want to snack on a bat, I can at least expect a good amount of moral support.

I included this diagram so everyone could have a good look and see if any of the bat parts exhibited look like they could be eaten. I don't know about you, but I don't think those drumsticks are worth fighting over. Perhaps the cutaneous muscles of the arm membrane are more succulent than they look.

I thought I better do a little research to make sure I wasn't likely to get rabies from eating a bat. I didn't find any rabies warnings, but I did come across this site, which we will discount for the time being. I have never thought the Weekly World News was credible, but I may be eating my words when I die of mad-bat disease.

If it is safe and it is possible, I must do it; I'd be a complete idiot not to. So the next question is the obvious How?

Perhaps this nice Filipino lady can give me some tips (please do yourself a favor and watch the entire video-- the end is by far the best part).

Maybe I'll just make a nice soup?

I still have a few details to work out. I was under the impression that I just had to shoot and eat the bat, making the plan Kelsey proposed a perfectly viable one, but Ryan seems to have understood that the Dad had to witness the shooting and eating. Jacki, if you were there, your insights would be welcome. I am also not sure how much of the bat I have to consume. Can I just pick off the meat and make a stir-fry, or are we talking about eating the vitals, bowels and (shudder) head of the little beastie?

Anyway, thanks to one and all for the resounding support of this gross gross thing I am going to attempt. If you have more ideas, keep 'em coming. Until then , I'll be planning a road trip to Seattle, where Kelsey's mom will behead my kill so I can eat it.


Kristin said...

No lie, I just finished reading your posts to Abram and right after, we saw a commercial for Survivor this Thursday. Apparently, someone will be eating a bat. Tune in.

Jacki said...

I think you just have to eat enough to give the old man a good laugh. That's usually how these ridiculous dares/bets work. Perhaps we should just start by focusing on the shooting of a bat.

amy said...

thanks for the prompt feedback, jacki. ryan seems to think i could snag a bat with a shotgun easy, if we were in a high bat-density area. kelsey says she can provide the high bat-density area. now i just need a shotgun donor.

i never thought i would say that.

Autumn and Barrett said...

Oh Pamy. The reason this is so funny is because you will actually shoot the bat and eat him. Or her. And thanks to your father-in-law for pulling a Mr. Burns and using his money to make people do monkey tricks for his amusement.

sterlingandbrandi said...

I am so disturbed from watching the bat burnt alive. eek