Monday, January 12, 2009

A nasty wasty skunk!

During December I was twice detained from blogging, first by traveling with my in-laws and to see my own parents, and also by a plague that has smitten me with a fine smit. I was getting better for a second and then decided to eat ten cookies for dinner, providing every micro-varmint the ideal opportunity to multiply and replenish my body.

I've been behind on all kinds of stuff, blogging (naturally), buying my books, eating dinners out of cans (or, when times get real tough, baking sheets) and allowing a much needed run with a vacuum to go neglected. I thought we would all be ok, you know, make it through being a little behind for a while. But then I discovered that my negligence has been impacting not only friends and family, but my neighbors.

You may recall the bad behavior of my apartment complex's management during the summer months. Well, it turns out that they become vigilantes during the winter. I offer you exhibit A, found taped to our door this afternoon:

Dear Resident,

You are getting this notice because there are some things on your balcony that need to be removed as soon as possible. The items we are referring to are:

-Christmas lights.

Thank you for your cooperation in the matter. Please call the office with any questions or concerns.


They haven't minded the ridiculous dead tomato plants and large pieces of plywood that have resided on our balcony for the 20 months we have lived here. And they sure as shootin' don't mind having the place heat up like an inferno in the summer when a simple request to KEEP THE DOORS CLOSED would fix the problem in no time flat. But, I guess that my single strand of colored Christmas lights is enough to raise their managerial hackles. Bah Humbug.

Time to pull the Grinch out of your bottom, Management. Methinks I will leave the lights up and see what other ideas they can come up with to get me to remove them. HA!


Jacki said...

I totally though they were MLK Day lights. Doesn't Dawn celebrate the day?

betsey said...

They are your happy lights and should remain lit as long as you dwell in the apartment. Seriously management, what is wrong with you? It is only January 12th!

We missed you Pamy. I seriously almost read your archives to get my Pamy fill.

Ann Marie said...

Seriously! Twinkle lights all year round!