Monday, December 8, 2008

The last laugh

I have a final exam today at four. I have hardly begun studying. However, it is rainy and cozy and I would prefer to update this neglected blog than learn about the ACA ethical code's instructions in the case of a suicidal client. Can you blame me?

This morning I was greeted by the information that several delightful women I wish I knew better have teamed up to write a blog. Sarah and I should have been roommates in college. By that I mean both that we would have had a good time and that sheer probability favored our sharing a bathroom. She and I lived with all the same people at all different times. We share a few memories, one involving our bodies bobbing in the Great Salt Lake, immersed in brine shrimp, disgust, and giggles. I think she is great. Louise was one of my favorite teachers because she did not take herself too seriously, a trait I admire in a university professor. She has a great sense of humor. I think anyone who continues to stop by my blog from time to time would probably get a kick out of what these gals say and how they say it. Enjoy.

And now, a little story. Ryan's maternal grandmother is both aged and infirm. At 92, she has finally resigned herself to assisted living and has left behind a house filled with treasures. A few weeks ago we were invited, as her impoverished grandchildren, to loot the place. Grandma was a Tupperware lady. It was a fruitful looting.

One item I was uniquely pleased to find was a rice cooker. I do not own one, but I did in high school and have always thought I might like to own another, especially now that my ricing and steaming needs have increased. See rice cooker below:

Ain't she a beaut? I never quite got around to using it, though. I guess my ricing and steaming needs are less than I anticipated. Last night we opened the box!

A Christmas village! (I recommend you click on the picture for a more detailed view.)

A Little Bear! (In real life it is quite little.)

A Mormon church basketball trophy! Please note the Salt Lake temple behind the victor's head.

The box contained no rice cooker, but I was not disappointed.

It's nice to know Grandma got the last laugh.


missy. said...

oh my... nothing disappointing there! i'm amazed at the treasures you found in your rice cooker box... and slightly jealous. is that weird? yeah, i think it is.

Jacki said...

If Rob finds out he will be over in three seconds to claim that Christmas village. No joke. He really likes them. Should he come looking for it, say you lost it.

Ann Marie said...

That is AWESOME!!! You are a very lucky girl.

Autumn and Barrett said...

Pamy. I'm sending out Christmas cards, and not only do I not have a current address for you, I don't have a current EMAIL address for you. Another sad byproduct of the blogging age, I reckon. Do please email me or comment on my blog with both.

Much love and warm wishes for the holidays,

Jen said...

I'm glad you weren't disappointed with the real contents, because I am madly in love with my rice cooker. Alex knows, and he's okay with it.

e said...

Tee hee.

Karen said...

I noticed that you are following my blog Mountains to Metropolis and I have no idea who you are. I'm very intrigued because after looking at your blogs it seems we have a lot in common. I'm just curious how you found my blog and if you live anywhere near the bay area in California. I'm on the lookout for a running partner.

Karen said...

Hi Amy, (or Pamy?)

I didn't even know Ryan was married. Congratulations to you both. Too bad you don't live closer. Don't Ryan's parents live around here? You could always move back here, or at least stop by when you come to visit :) I'm glad to "meet" you, and I had fun trying to figure out the connection between us. Say "hello" to Ryan for us. Thanks.

Kristin said...

Is that trophy for sale? i will give you large amounts of money for it. For real.

homegrown said...

Oh my goodness Pamy! That is so funny!

Mike and Alicia said...

Grandmas always have the goods!