Friday, November 14, 2008

The feelings never die, they just go into remission

I try to be friendly. In my classes, especially, I have been making an effort to make eye contact and smile at folks. I am hoping that this concerted effort will make me into a more well-rounded and appealing human being. Some people are still too annoying to manage a smile at but, for the most part, I do a pretty good job. Eye contact for everyone.

However, I have noticed that one girl in one of my classes intimidates me. I find myself avoiding her kind of awkwardly (she is not aware of this, of course. The whole drama remains mine, and now yours, to enjoy). But today, I was feeling a little more pert than usual, and looked her right in the face and smiled. She smiled back. For her, the moment was over. She is no longer thinking about it. But I was plunged into intense awkwardness. I felt myself blushing and not knowing where to look. And then I realized.

She is the spitting image of my death crush from sixth grade.


betsey said...

death crush?!?! What is that?

So, I think we should totally simultainuously train for the SLC marathon...are you up for it? I'll shoot you an email later this weekend. Think about it :)

betsey said...


I also think that WHEN we run this marathon together, that we need to get some sort of matching outfit. That involves an Olivia Newton-John style headband.

Just a thought :)

As a motivation for running, Richard and Nora will make really awesome signs and cheer us on throughout the race. Doesn't that sound fun?

amy said...

a death crush is nothing more and nothing less than the exquisiste pinings only possible with a newly-adolescent heart. *sigh*

oh, betsey. you are striking a the heart of my most-longed-for wish. no thought pleases me more intensely than running a marathon...with costume. be still my soul. but i fear the marathon. i fear my rapidly aging body will recoil in horror. april seems so soon, when i consider that my current fitness is essentially nil, yet so far when i think of spending those months running (or shuffling, as the case may be).

i am easily excitable. and i really like you. and your lawyer spouse and cute baby, with the signs...

let's talk. convince me. i'm begging you.

missy. said...

speaking of death crushes... have you ever read barry lopez? my newly discovered infatuation with him reminds me of your feelings about michael pollan.

here are links to two of his beautiful, beautiful essays:

e said...

Bah! Ha ha. Awesome.

Ann Marie said...

Hey there! That is a super funny post! Love it! Haven't chatted with you in a while...hope all is well. Also, I've done a little updating on my blog finally and got around to adding you to my stalking list!!!