Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The other day, while teaching, I told the kids that their next lesson was going to be on sexual assault prevention. I wanted to give the a chance to get mentally prepared to take something seriously (for once in their charmed lives). One kid with scraggly hair, a t shirt advertising a punk band, and a wily look in his eye piped up for the first time ever, "You mean, like, no means no and passed out doesn't mean yes?"

Well, kid, now that you mention it, YES. Hmm. Now what am I going to teach?

Maybe he could give me lessons on being concise. I bet my blog would get more hits.


Liz Johnson said...

Ohhhhh is THAT what sexual assault prevention is?? I always thought 'passed out' meant something else. Huh.

Pass along my thanks to your student. Along with a nice slap upside the head, please.

amy said...

hi liz,

the funny thing was that he got his catchy slogan from a flier that the U put out during sexual assault prevention week! he said he went to a party up by campus and they were handing them out like mad, probably in response to the disproportionate number of assaults that occur when the victim has been drinking. certainly not how i would put it, to say the least, but, to look on the bright side, the kid and i had a nice little chat about consent as the result of his admittedly crass remark.

i have a hard time knowing how best to teach kids about sexual assault. i don't want to be too sanctimonious for fear of alienating them, but i also don't think it is my style to present things in such an irreverent way either. i have to give an hour long presentation all over the school district in december and i'm pretty nervous! advice welcome!

Kelsey said...

you should have eaten the bat.

missy. said...

i wish i'd known you were doing this last week; we could have talked about it in person! for my old job i used to give presentations on date rape/dating violence in junior highs and high schools. i think i still i have my old outlines. if you'd like, i'd be happy to copy them and send them to you, or at least to pass on some of my information. are you interested?