Saturday, June 7, 2008

Up for grabs

I got this lamp from a dear friend who used it in art classes she taught to delinquents, during their still life unit. She got it from another dear friend who had it in her apartment during college. It was a very important apartment, as I also lived there. She got it from her great-grandmother. As you can see, this lamp has had an illustrious history. And now it is ready to continue its journey. At your house.

Anyone? Anyone?

For some reason I find myself too attached to this lamp to simply take it to Savers; I would like to see it go to a good home. If that good home is your home, let me know.


Zillah said...

I'll take it!

May I pick it up in a couple of weeks? If you want it picked up earlier, I can probs swing that as well.

Kelsey said...

I'm pretty sad I don't live in Utah, cause that's real pretty.

Kate said...

That lamp is fantastic. If Anna doesn't end up taking it... send it my way. Who couldn't use a little more STUFF around the house?!?sdlahofb