Thursday, June 19, 2008


not a bad one


Austin said...

You're as good a writer as the author of this article. You should be paid to publish.

amy said...

thanks, austin!

sterlingandbrandi said...

That's pretty funny my veggie friend. I have a sister-in-law who is vegetarian (newest addition to family) and we thought for her bridal shower we should at least at that time respect her tastes and serve no meat. My other sister-in-law and I made kind of a big deal about it when planning the shower. What did my mother-in-law make to bring? Chicken salad sandwiches. "Because it doesn't have that much meat." And you should have seen the people freaking out about how exotic my tastes are because I served edamame. Really. Also, one time my mother-in-law served a "vegetarian" dinner when we were all there. What did we eat? Chinese Chicken Cabbage Salad, Ham-Fried Rice, Pork Egg Rolls. Also because they don't have "that much meat." So while I buy cage-free free-range eggs, but eat meat (but not bats), I kind of sympathize about what the plight of the herbivore might be.

sterlingandbrandi said...

Also, I am still wondering Pamy, are you studying to be a midwife? I am really interested, not sarcastic.

champy said...

I am not silently judging you. I am silently admiring, while verbally teasing. It just takes so much more creativity (and time, adventurous spirit, etc.) to cook well without eggs, cheese, milk, meat, etc.

I couldn't kill a cow myself, either, but for the record I think they are the dumbest of animals.

amy said...

wow, that is an amazing degree of out-of-it. the other day i went on an enrichment activity/outing with a hundred old ladies (my relief society's primary demographic) and i took along a salad because i figured i wouldn't be game for whatever they were having (turned out to be roast beef and turkey sandwiches on hamburger buns, chips, cookies, and that scary juice in a mini plastic barrel, so i was right) and one of the ladies, whipped around, caught a glimpse of my lettuce and said "what are you, a vegan?" it was awesome.

i am not in midwifery school. i am actually beginning a counseling psych program in the fall. i have done lots of birth stuff, and even more birth reading, but i dont want to be a clinician; just an advocate. i have been a doula several times and i'm a REAL BIG believer in natural, unencumbered birth/breastfeeding whenever possible. oh, and circumcision is the worst idea anyone had. just read anything. its a scary mess, has no medical purpose, and is basically infant torture. but perhaps thats a topic for another day.

thanks for not judging me. i dont judge you either, and, in fact, the only thing i feel able to adjudicate here is the intellect of bovines, which i agree is abysmal. i couldnt pull the trigger either, though, although that was not my primary motive in saying goodbye to meat, dairy and eggs.

ps tell your wife she better not lard up my yamrritos! they are delicious AS IS dangit!

Jami said...

Just need to agree with Austin. Did appreciate the article, though. I went to a wedding last night and one of the guest came over to my table to "see what the vegetarians eat." Nothing too suprising, friend, just passed on the prime rib. People are so weird.

Jacki said...

the article had an awesome banner add for waffles with whipped cream...mmmm...must find IHOP...

ashsan said...

If there is anything weirder than being a vegetarian, it is not wanting a bag at the store.

Scenario: You are going camping next weekend, and go to the store to buy a travel-size tube of toothpaste. After ringing up the toothpaste, the bagger proceeds to drop the single, miniscule tube of toothpaste into an enormous plastic bag.

You: I don't need a bag.

Bagger: Huh?

You: No bag, please.

Bagger (faced for the first time with this idea and struggling to understand): HUH?!? WHY?!?

You: A thousand reasons, including the fact that these bags never decompose and also I DON'T NEED IT.

Bagger: Okay. (Puts it in the bag anyway).

You: No, I really don't need one. (Taking it out of bag yourself and handing it back to him).

Bagger (who, without the act of bagging is merely an -er.): shrugs and THROWS PLASTIC BAG AWAY.


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