Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Perfect Day

Yesterday was a perfect day.

We got up not too early and not too late. We drank our green smoothies and they were delicious.

And then we cleaned. The house. We cleaned the whole house. Both of us. With the cleaning. And the house became quite clean. Which I love, but only seldom achieve. It was very satisfying.

Zillah wants my lamp!

Shortly after we finished with the cleaning, our friends Jen and Alex, who had driven up from Hurricane, came over for lunch with their two delightful children. We had a very pleasant visit and wish they would leave their comfortable situation out in the country to come live next to Pioneer Park with us.

Immediately upon their departure, we hightailed it to Ikea, the happiest place on earth. Ever since I landed the new couch I've been in a real mood to improve our living quarters. I had spent significant time on the Ikea website (very significant, embarrassingly significant) determining what would be the most needful, and by needful I mean fun to buy. We had a great time, as only a couple with a little unexpected money in their pockets on a beautiful, cloudy day at Ikea can have. While we were there, we bumped into Jen and Alex again; I felt glad that I had made such a compelling pitch of the wonders of Ikea that they felt they needed to check it out, undeterred by their toting two very small children.

We bought a Great Deal of Things and came home to commence assembly. If you've never had the distinct pleasure of Ikea furniture, you're missing out. All the satisfaction of having built something with none of the actual effort! What could be better!

We put Ryan's new reading chair together (we figured, if he was going to spend 15 hours a day sitting in a chair researching stocks it was better that we upgrade the thrashed Papasan chair I bought in college; the new chair was far less expensive than our anticipated chiropractic costs. Thanks Ikea!) and then Ryan's mom, in town for the week, came over for a visit. We all went to dinner at Sage's cafe, and had a vegan good time. She got to try tempeh, I got to see how cashews and raspberries can be transformed into "ice cream" (*Tip for vegans: stop calling vegan food by normal food names. It isn't pizza if it has a dehydrated flax crust and no cheese, brownies aren't made from dates and black beans, and a milkshake has milk in it. Just call it something else. Like healthy good tasting raspberry cold dessert, or some other really catchy name you think up.)

Perfect days don't lend themselves well to funny posts. Funny is what you use to make hard days acceptable. Yesterday was so great, it doesn't have to be funny. I hope today is too great to be funny, too--I'm off to build a bookshelf!


Kelsey said...

Ikea is not a perfect day on a Saturday when you are pregnant and starving and tired of trying to decide which bookshelf goes with which coffee table which goes with which end table. Ikea, I love you but I think you are supposed to be more matchy to make my life easier. But it makes me happy that you were at Ikea on the same day as me, even if it was in another state. This was a long comment.

Jen said...

Hey, Ikea truly did not disappoint. We got the coolest ice cube trays. (Pun intended. I should be a Dad. My jokes are that good.)

Kelsey said...

I totally tagged you, because tagging is great.

Flood said...

Perfect day? Imperfect day? Just post, dammit! Also, read mimismartypants.

Jill said...

I love green smoothies. I've had one everyday since November

Sarah said...

the joys of Ikea cannot be contained in just ONE trip. I am glad, then, that you researched first. WONDERFUL. Also, next time you aren't a Vegan, they have a wonderful cafe. But since that might not work, I might suggest bringing a snack (it's large).

I like you lots. Remember that random day we Yoga-ed together? That day was awesome...