Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Willing and Able

This is a picture of my hair in the morning. I thought I should include it in case any of you out there in blog-land are considering cutting your hair short; the addition of bedhead to my life has made it more worth living. This morning, I think my hair looked like the sea.

On to more important topics: grad school, and the application thereunto.

If any of your genius faces want to read my personal statement, I would really appreciate it. Just let me know if you have time and energy for two pages of shameless self-promotion.


Tom said...


You can't crow. Even with that hair.

Jen said...

send that thing on over. I love love love to edit stuff.

Hey all said...

1. I'll read it
2. You're funny

amy said...

hey there, hey all. i would love to send along the ol' p state, but i dont know who you are. if you will clarify this one minor detail, i will send it along. im not afraid.

be warned: it's not funny in the slightest.

Jo said...

I luv the sea. I luv your hair.