Saturday, December 8, 2007

Salad Days

We all know it can be tough to eat enough fruits and vegetables, but we all know we really ought to. Ryan and I decided, in an effort to expunge our deadly nutritional track records, that we would make a commitment to eating two salads a day, only one of which could be in the form of a smoothie (more on those smoothies another time). My birthday purchases-a giant salad container and giant salad bowls-were intended to motivate and facilitate our success. I had visions of beautiful salads for dinner each night, each one distinct and unique, each boasting a medley of the wide array of what nature, via costco, has to offer.

One look at my amusing spouse lets you know right quick that my dreams are far from reality. Desperate times call for desperate measures and, bless his heart, Ryan is here demonstrating a more desperate measure: forcing fistfuls of red leaf and romaine into his face, sans accoutrement. Poor dear. I myself shove as many unadulterated leaves as will fit into pita pockets, but I thought the sight of Ryan eating actual handfuls of pure vegetation was worth capturing and, evidently, publicizing. Perhaps his dreams will come true and by eating like a gorilla he will one day more closely resemble one.

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Kelsey said...

It looks like Ryan loves Salad like you love Freedom. Which is a lot.