Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Reason for the Season #1

One of my favorite things about Christmas are the things themselves(if you're being honest with yourself and you're an American, you will find they're one of your favorite things about Christmas too). When December first rolls around, I unearth my box of Christmas treasures and giggle and giggle; they are always even more delightful than I remembered.

Take, for instance, this holiday wreath. If you will notice, it is bedecked not with holly but with famous political figures posing as Christmas icons. Many thanks to you, Katie Bit, for handmaking these hilarities as a gift to me nearly a decade ago. They just keep getting funnier. The Janet Reno Reindeer, the Sadaam elf, it's pure genius. I wish you were all here. It's even funnier in person.


Jen said...

nothing says Christmas like Janet and old Saint Saddam.

Tara said...

the very moment i saw this, i knew it was bit. the first christmas i knew her, she have me frankincense with nickels with the heads of frankenstein pasted on. only a genius could make such work. love that mind of hers.

Katie Bit said...

Ah lovely! This brings back such sweet memories. And to think you have kept them all this time. And to think I made them for you almost a decade ago. Holy heck, times flies.

I think the most fun thing about these ornaments will be paying homage each year to those who have gone on to the next life. Fair thee well Pope John Paul and Saddam, fair thee well.

Cee said...

omg, that is the best thing ever! I'm inspired to make ornaments for my own tree now. LOL.