Friday, November 25, 2011

The real deal

I turn thirty next week. I love my birthday and have always been committed to celebrating thoroughly. Last year on my birthday I was pregnant (miserable, and too large to fit into my birthday suit! Horrors!) and had to work for twelve hours. It was a real dud.

So this year I have been contemplating how to commemorate my glorious thirtieth birthday. What I came up with proves that my youth is already long gone.

1. Force Ryan to run errands with me. This includes babies r us (to buy an ergo), ikea, and JC Penney portrait studios (to pick up the holiday card envelopes they forgot to include with my order).

2. Force Ryan to help me clean the den and/or basement.

3. Maybe go out to lunch or something.

That's what I got. I'm glad I had so much unmitigated fun in my teens and twenties. These days, I'm apparently all business*. I hope I don't want to clean the bathroom when I turn forty.

At least I'll be running errands in my birthday suit. That thing makes a party out of anything.

*Upon a re-reading of this post, I realize that it's not so much business I'm into as forcing Ryan to do my bidding. I can't help it. I'm an oldest child.


Adriana said...

to turning 30! it's my turn tomorrow, and im planning on going to a water park.. i think that may mean im regressing..

Karen said...

I'm glad I just checked into your blog. It has been months. I have three thoughts: 1)I'm so glad you and Ryan found each other, 2)I wish you lived next door, and 3)I'm turning 34 tomorrow and will most likely be running errands and doing chores. Welcome to your thirties.

ixoj said...

Also an oldest child. Also love to force T-rav to do my bidding. It's very satisfying when it actually happens.

Happy shared birthday! You really must do something exciting. 30 on the 30th seems so monumental.

CK said...

Oh, happy early birthday girl~! I wish I could see you running those errands in THE birthday suit!!!!!!!

Jen said...

I hope your birthday is or was spectacular, even if it is only in living it up oldest child style.

I just want you to know that I expect my baby to be the last crawler of the nine that were born to my friends within a few weeks of his birth either direction. And I am AOK with that.

The word verification agrees: subpr

Jen said...

PS, I believe in Utah the title of this post should be spelled Rill Dill