Monday, October 19, 2009

You're Invited!!!

Hear ye, hear ye and TIS THE SEASON!

To start, a riddle.

What do you get when you marry this man:
To this woman:
And add fabulous, festive friends?:
You get a little fest, is what you get. You get a PUMPKINFEST.

I have a friend; her name is Katie. She lives in the Midwest. For our purposes here, her most resounding traits are her unmatched sense of humor and her unbridled love of pumpkin-flavored treats. Pumpkin pie was served at her wedding. In May. Girl don't mess around.

It was my incredible, undeserved good fortune to be her roommate in college. Pumpkinfest was her idea. And I have stolen it.

She doesn't seem to mind.

I had lots of fabulous roommates in college, but only two named Katie, and only two integral to making Pumpkinfest what it is today. Thankfully, for the sake of minimizing confusion, they are the same two Pumpkin-loving Kates.

Kate #2 is pictured above. With green hair.

K2 taught me to take things to the next level, to go big or go home. We hosted a Pumpkinfest together that involved her teenaged brother wrestling with his friends on a tarp covered with pumpkin guts. She hand-crafted a Pumpkin Princess costume. As you can see, I really like girls who don't mess around. This year, she's coming back.


Come celebrate the reason for the season!

October 30. 6 o'clock-tired o'clock (we start early so we have daylight by which to carve pumpkins)

1) A Pumpkin to carve
2) A Pumpkin flavored/themed treat to share
3) Yourself, ideally dressed as a pumpkin, but at least paying tribute in the form of an orange T shirt or something
4) Your friends and families, similarly clad.
5) I hope my 800 square foot domicile is up to this kind of festivating.

Plan to:
1) Carve your pumpkin
2) Eat pumpkin flavored/themed treats
3) Get fawned over excessively for your compliance with the costume rule
4) Stop me from forcibly kissing your pumpkin-costumed loved ones on the mouth*

I hope you'll be there! K2 is flying in from DC, so you really have no excuse. If you need more info, like the address of said fest, please email me or send me a message on facebook.

*Just kidding, I left that habit behind when I graduated from BYU


Jacki said...

I want to be there so bad I might cry. Also, both of my daughters will be pumpkins this year for Halloween. Daughter #1 had several reasons for choosing to be a pumpkin. One of the reasons cited was, "Aunt Amy calls me little pumpkin."

amy said...


Jacki, we have learned from Kate Kelly that distance need not be prohibitive to Pumpkinfest attendance. The party would be so exponentially improved by your attendance, with little niecely pumpkins be still my heart, that I think you should consider your options. Road trip? Cheap flight? You're a stay at home mom. Don't tell me you ain't got time. I've been a stay at home mom before.

I've got to get my hands on that new little pumpkin ASAP anyways...

Ann Marie said...

oh man! how i WISH so very badly i could come to this. damn california. they hate fall and anything festive. i'll be having my own solo pumpkin fest all alone in my 1970s apartment...eating all that pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cupcakes all by my lonesome...feel sorry for me?

Kate said...

I want to clarify for everyone, lest ye think that I just happen to be coming into town in October & that coincides neatly with Pumpkinfest, I AM FLYING TO UTAH FOR PUMPKINFEST.

Pamy told me she was having it & that I must be there. I bought my ticket the next day.

There is a reason the Eagles are so great... one of them is this song:

And when you're looking for your freedom
(nobody seems to care)
And you can't find the door
(can't find it anywhere)
When there's nothing to believe in
Still you're coming back, you're running back
You're coming back for more

So put me on a highway
And show me a sign
And take it to the limit one more time

Ann Marie said...

oh ya...and i'll be wearing my sweet pumpkin costume and no one will ever see it.

amy said...

Ann and Jacki, listen to Kate. LISTEN. She is serious.

PS, Jacki, you are in the East Bay. Ann, you are in Sacramento. You do the math.

ashsan said...

As long as we are putting things on the record, I want to say (for the record) that I am ALSO coming out to Utah specifically for this event. (Well, and Kate's day of birth, and the spookiness in general, and to see my favorite peeps...) So prepare the pumpkin wrestling pate! I am in.

amy said...

Ash! I had no idea! I'm THRILLED!

Bring Ann and Jacki n' kids. You may have to kidnap them. But do it!

Ann Marie said...

alright peeps. i'm IN! lucky for us ceej is skippin' town...all the way to korea! which means i'm outta this cali crap-town and in to a town full of pumpkins!

see you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelsey said...

I was coming until I heard you are no longer kissing on the mouth for costumery. Also because Britt won't come to wrestle me.