Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ode to Pumpkinfest

Ode to Pumpkinfest

When the season's coming cold
And you're starting to feel old
Cast your gaze into the West

For there's fun yet to be had
There's a costume to be clad
Come and don your Pumpkin best

In a circle of dear friends
There's a love that all wounds mends
Feel the swelling in your chest

Feel the laughter, feel the love
Feels like angels from above
With each guest I am more blessed

Each new friend a new gift shares
Stories, hugs, and pumpkin wares
And my joy swells to a crest

Spending all night eating pie
Carving squash 'till dawn is nigh
I've nary felt more successed

Still, the rub of every party,
Even when the fun is hearty
Is how bad the house gets messed

If you saw the present state
of our home (it is not great)
I assure you'd be impressed

So perhaps I should require
Ere you head home to retire
That you clean at my behest

Many pumpkins to remove
From each cranny nook and groove
Of my well-beloved nest

By tomorrow's coming eve
I shall have my clean reprieve
Every dirty wound redressed

Now the holiday is done
And I've had a lot of fun
Soon I'll clean but now I'll rest

So to bed I'll shortly go
And relax from head to toe
Till I've fully decompressed

So when next year comes around
If you find you're in my town
I'll for sure keep you abreast

Though so many more words rhyme
I feel that I've run out of time
I don't want to be a pest,
I refuse to say incest,
As I've made it my sole quest
Not to importunely jest,
But I mustn't lack for zest
Even though I'm feeling stressed,
So accept this palimpsest


Jen said...

We did miss the glorious fest,
for the travel we lacked zest,
We hope it was THE BEST!

Jill said...

You should be the poet laureate of wherever it is that you live now

Kate said...

It was glorious. Thanks for the orange-hued good times!

Carrie K said...

You shure know how to throw a great party Amy :)