Thursday, March 12, 2009


Read this today:

"The action orientation is particularly important in offsetting claims that
some feminist theories have become so esoteric, jargonistic and elitist
(Hemmings, 2007), that they are no longer relevant and may even be harmful if
applied in colonizing and patronizing ways (McEwan, 2001; Williams & Lykes,

The action orientation may be offsetting these claims, but this sentence sure as H isn't. I think academia needs to take itself more seriously.



Lyn said...

Amy -

I found your blog on Katie Kelly's website which I just discovered. (turns out I'm living only a few hours away from her). So now I'm on the hunt for you. Can we be friends please even though I'm the worst correspondent in the world? Where are you and what are you doing?

lyn (formerly Hillstead now Johnson)

Julie said...

yes i know those sentences - some that go on for paragraphs. i like to read them out loud to john and then scoff at the crazy abstract immateriality of them. how do they take themselves so seriously? and do they have bodies?

Ann Marie said...

ha! i LOVE this post! oh, how academia loves itself! (but somehow i find myself wanting to be part of it...ugh)