Monday, March 30, 2009


Today Ryan got some sushi at the grocery store. He chose the roll that had been drizzled with a benign looking brown sauce; the alternatives were all drizzled with some kind of pink mayo (Utahns love their pink mayo condiments; see here). When he got home he discovered that the brown sauce which was presumed to have been inspired by Asian cuisine was BARBEQUE sauce.

We need to move. STAT.


Jen said...

That is the most blatant outrage I have heard in recent memory.

Though, having personally experienced the spam musubi, I could see Hawaiians doing something similar.

Zillah said...


maybs you need to go here:

Adriana said...

ah ha. reminds me of the sushi place on centre in Provo that advertises chicken teriyaki sushi. there's a place here that offers a guatemalan black bean sushi. seems to me, sushi is never really japanese unless eaten in japan.

Jill said...

Move here

Melyngoch said...

I actually really like fry sauce.

This does not mean I'm in line to move back to Utah.