Sunday, February 15, 2009

Study Break

Due to the plague, I am behind in school, but school waits for no woman. I am supposed to give a 3-hour presentation on mood disorders and hand in a 5 page reflection paper on a conference I attended last weekend on Tuesday and also turn in the introduction and guiding paradigms sections of my research precis on Wednesday. Yikes.

At the moment I'm writing the outline for the mood disorder presentation and I came across a little tidbit that I thought the internet might appreciate. Did you know that, when referring to age cohorts, the technical term for those aged 85+ years is the old old? That's right. The old old. You heard me. As you might suspect, this got me laughing. But then it got me thinking.

Perhaps most traits, such as age, occur along some type of spectrum. Take height for example. At 5'3" I am short, but not exactly short short. At 6'1" Ryan is tall indeed, but tall tall? I think you'd have to be 6'3" or taller.

The textbook that opened my eyes to the possibility of being old old also referred to "the two genders", which is a notion I am about to contend. Me, I wear skirts a lot. And mascara almost always. I have probably skipped mascara less than once a week for the last fifteen or so years (with a couple of phases skipping it for a few weeks, or maybe a month or two, at a time, but I always come back.) I don't however, shower more than a couple times a week, and never have. Each shower takes about five minutes. While I'm in there I use no products that require a pouf or smell like gum, and I don't own a razor. So, while you could definitely say I identify as gender-female, I wouldn't say I make the cut for female female. You hear me?

As I delivered this insight to Ryan he paused for a minute and then said "...kind of like when you like 'em like 'em."


Feel free to list your own descriptors in the comments. I think this has potential to be pretty funny.


Jen said...

In the category of food descriptors, there are many nasty concoctions which attempt to replace that glorious yellow fatty stuff, but there is only one stick of true butter butter. (I thought of this after a mention of a 6-stick recipe on Betsey's blog.)

rob said...

Jo said it best: stupid stupid

rob said...

I guess I'm rob today.

ixoj said...

I always think of the WOMAN'S section in department stores. Not the regular section, or the misses, or the petites. The WOMAN WOMAN section, where only real WOMEN shop...women who can fill their bras and stuff.

Dave said...

Ryan is so funny I could kill.

Maybe the term Dum-Dum carries some statistical backing. I sure hope so.

Austin said...

I support this line of thinking an %100.

Go go team.

ashsan said...

there was a foreign student at my high school named agbor agbor, but i am thinking this might not be what you are looking for.

sorry sorry, agbor agbor.

D Smith said...

it has always puzzled me when people refer to someone (our president) as Black, but not Black Black, as if he needs to throw a chihuahua of the rook fo the projects.


D Smith said...

roof of the projects*