Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big News (not pregnant)

Can you tell what my big news is based on the picture? MY HAIR FINALLY GOT LONG ENOUGH FOR A PONY TAIL! A real, live ponytail! How thrilling! It took one and one third years, but it happened.

I was feeling real proud and things were going along fine when I noticed that I was putting off showering for way too long (for the sake of my mother I will refrain from specifying how long I consider way too long.) My reason? Too much hair. Takes forever to dry it; who's got the time? So I started germinating an idea that I would cut my hair, just a little to thin it out, maybe save myself fifteen or twenty minutes in dry-time. A couple weekends ago I went to a conference and during the keynote address I was sitting behind a lady with great hair. It was long enough to tuck behind her ears and looked like she could probably skip blow-drying altogether. I scoped her out, trying to notice all the details but when it became apparent that I did not have the vocabulary to provide an adequate description to a hypothetical stylist, I decided a papparazzi approach would be simpler. Out came my phone and I faked texting while I took picture after picture. Every time she moved her head I took another one. Doesn't she have nice hair?
Looks like the other lady at the table figured out I wasn't texting, but it seems like she's cool with it.

After snapping several pictures and feeling like I doing something illegal, or at least impolite, I decided to just ask her where she got her hair cut. I followed her out of the conference and disclosed my surreptitious picture taking (It's all about disclosure.) She was very nice about it and gave me her stylist's name. I was tickled pink and scheduled an appointment as soon as I could.

After years of ownership of my hair you would think I would know that haircuts that make others look like J Crew models have a more helmet-like quality on my own head. My grandmother assures me I will be grateful for my sturdy hair when I'm in my eighties; I'm not so sure I'll care. Here's the new hair, the moment you've all been waiting for.

While I am discussing my hair (watch me act like 90% of the posts on this blog aren't about my hair...) I thought you might like to know that I found my favorite. My favorite individual hair. It's gray, see?Also, as of now I am aware that I kind of have freckles.

Back to the hair. I found it when I was twenty three and then misplaced it. I'm happy to have found it again. I have always thought gray hair was very elegant and buys one some extra credibility, so I'm all for this little silverino multiplying. When I have a whole bunch, I'll get working on that long gray braid I've had my heart set on since high school.

Whatever. YOU'RE the freak around here.


Jacki said...

There is a story-teller at the downtown library who sometimes sports gray highlights. She is in her twenties.

sterlingandbrandi said...

The grass is always greener. While I do not think you have helmet hair, I never fear that particular curse when I have short haircuts. I do however covet your thick healthy shiny hair. I was born with coarse dry hair that is WORK unless it is buzzed. I have often thought that the upside of cancer would be losing my hair and seeing what grows in to replace it. (I know, frivolous, trivial me) But I can't quite bring myself to just buzz it, I'm waiting for the cancer. (BTW I think any class on nutrition is probably bound to set off an anorexic girl.)

sterlingandbrandi said...

And you're about to be so jealous, Sterls is going salt-n-peppa, with at least 30 gray hairs in his temples. (And really at least 1 new one a week) And he's only 30.

amy said...

I agree that nutrition classes for a general group of kids may not be the best place for a child with disordered eating. If I were a parent of such a child I would find a way to get my kid out of classes that seemed potentially triggering rather than call the principal and blame the teacher later. Oh well. PErhaps one day I will have a kid and see how hard it is and eat every word I ever spoke.

When you said Sterling was going Salt-n-Peppa I imagined him dancing around singing "None of Yo' Business." As much as I covet his graying tresses, I may keep the original image as my go to for a Sterling Salt-n-Peppa visual. Hope neither of you mind.

Zillah said...

i love the haircut. (and i understand your robust hair pain.) it does not = helmet. i also heart your grey hair.

Aby Runyan said...

I'll start by saying that your new cut is adorable.
That said, you should be spanked for cutting off those glorious locks.
It takes forever to dry. . . blah, blah, blah.
Some of us would KILL for hair like yours. It seriously looks like American Girl Doll hair. This is a compliment if you didn't know.
luvs, aby

amy said...

Thanks to those who think my thick hair should be loved and grown long and frothy and to those fauxs who understand the hassle that is horse hair on human heads.

I googled American Girl Doll hair and found a nice picture. Now I know that the effect of the flash did its job. Flash+hair=American Girl doll hair. See below.

The Copes said...

Amy, what a long and shapley neck you have.

Jill said...

I love your hair, GROW IT OUT