Monday, March 10, 2008

Let them eat cake!

When there is a lot to celebrate, there's bound to be a lot of cake. It's just one of those basic laws of the universe. And this week, I was accepted to grad school and my little brother turns twenty three. Abundant cake was inevitable.

A few weeks ago, in anticipation of his birthday, I asked that little brother of mine if he had a favorite kind of cake (I tried to be real sly so it would be a surprise). He answered without even a slight hesitation: "red velvet".

Huh? I don't think I'd ever even had red velvet cake before, let alone had if often enough to trump all other cakes. If someone had asked my what my favorite kind of cake was, I would have said: "costco". I guess Dave is more of a gourmand than I.

So red velvet cupcakes we had in abundance and they were ok, though not good enough to warrant the seven (SEVEN!) sticks of butter (BUTTER!) that were required, so I will not include the recipe, but I will mention that is not always reliable.

They still made me happy, though. Somethin' about cupcakes...

They made me a surprise cake, too, decorated punnily, which I always enjoy.

A couple hours post dinner-and-cupcakes, my siblings located some broccoli and homemade hummus in my fridge...I guess they was caked out.

Once a little brother, always a little brother.

Ryan decorated Dave's birthday present; didn't he do a nice job?

I love a good birthday, and I love a good sibling. Happy Birthday Hosen!


Dave said...

If you click on the picture of the broccoli boy, it brings some amazing things into focus. Thanks Amy.

amy said...

oh, you're so right! the broccoli totally brings out the green in your eyes!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday Josen! And congrats again Pamy on grad school. It worked out so nicely, it must be meant to be. What's for ya won't go by ya.

Autumn and Barrett said...

Congratulations! And happy birthday! And congratulations on the funny yam post!

Kristin said...

Your hair looks fabuloso