Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fun things part deux

Pretty, right?

Before going to Tahoe, we stopped in for a visit in the Bay Area for a few days. Ryan suggested that we drive down Highway 1 to Monterey and go to the aquarium, which sounded like a great idea to me, so off we went. Shortly after we stopped to take this picture by the ocean, Ryan announced that he was feeling a little queasy. Two hours later we stopped at Nob Hill Foods grocery, just a block or so away from the aquarium, to find something edible. While I went inside to get some sushi, Ryan remained in the car. I emerged from the store to see him puking all over the parking lot.

He was smitten BAD and, since he could no longer drive (or talk, really, we had to use the car's navigation system to get home which, incidentally, may be the only automotive bell-or-whistle I could ever really get excited about), I became the driver. Since driving well isn't among my most defining characteristics, I was not particularly thrilled to be piloting my in-laws' vehicle. The drive was grueling, but we made it and Ryan was better approximately 24 hours later. Glad we got the pretty picture, though. Hopefully next time we will get one with some of them sea turtles.

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The 'Chard said...

Hey Pamy--

So, it was fun to hear from you on our blog. I have to confess--Betsey and I have been reading your blog from the beginning through our Google Reader. I never comment, though. I just lurk.

Glad you had a fun trip!