Saturday, March 8, 2008

I love freaks

I even love freaky tubers. This, friends, is a yam--a yam that is bigger than my head. I found it at Ream's and was so delighted with it that I tried to brag to the cashier about how amazing I thought it was (she was not amused, which I thought was weird).

Such a yam, of course, calls for yamrittos (a very large quantity of yamrritos) and once Ryan got in on the action we got pretty worked up about how huge the yam was. We were compelled to document thoroughly as perhaps we would never again see such a yam.

It filled up the whole bowl!

It filled the entire pan!

Look how big it is compared to my hand!

I fear all future yams will seem inadequate.


Kate said...

I would just like to note for the blog record that I'm glad you cut your hair to free you up for dye-jobs like this. You make a lovely red head, but I'm still holding out for the platinum blonde pixie!

Jen said...

What an amazing tuberstrosity. I need to try that recipe sometime.

Ann Marie said...

yummy yammies! love all the documentation here.