Friday, February 29, 2008

Since you have been wondering

The above cartoon is my way of breaking the news. I am no longer Goldilocks. I am Wilma.

My hair has been driving me nuts, that much we know. It's fair, really. I mean, look at me:

Why I thought dying it red would ameliorate the situation, we do not, though it does seem to have brightened my mood (or perhaps caused a demonic possession, can't quite be sure):

This blog should be called "The poorly photographed adventures of Amy: experiments with food and her hair". Then again, maybe not.


missy. said...

looooooooooooove it! every time i've dyed my hair red, i've loved it... hope you do too!

Emily said...


Ann Marie said...

Love the red! Love the blog!

Jen said...

I like the Wilma look on you. It brings out the green in your eyes.