Monday, January 28, 2008

Don't worry, my spouse will eat it

Take a good luck. What do you notice?

Before you get that IQ test feeling, I'll just tell you: this jar of hot jalapeño peppers does not contain hot jalapeño peppers. It contains cloves of garlic.

I wish I were about to tell you that I had discovered a new, easy trick for pickling garlic, but the truth is that I have never even tasted pickled garlic, much less pickled it myself. No, this is the work of my husband, whose culinary creativities never cease to amaze, and amuse, me. He simply filled the jar, emptied of jalapenos, with cloves of garlic and hoped for the best (the best being pickled garlic, let's not forget).

Here's a closer look at these little savories:

You may notice they are suspended in a green gelatinous brine. So did said husband, when he took them out for inspection a few days ago. I was a little surprised when, following the inspection, the garlic was returned to the fridge. I left them case he wants to eat them?

Not an impossibility, if we are being honest. Let's look at another recent masterpiece:

This bowl contains:
1) sun dried tomato and roasted garlic mashed potatoes, which Ryan deemed gluey and I deemed revolting
2) brown rice
3) very old hummus
4) possibly other gross things
5) hot sauce

It may seem like I am criticizing Ryan for his overwhelming gustatory acceptance. On the contrary, it is to my great advantage. When my forays into vegan cooking produce a repellent, malignant, death flavor...Ryan to the rescue! He will eat the min-e-nast-a-strone! He will eat the undercooked garbanzos! He will eat it here or there, in a house and with a mouse! He will eat it if I refuse to eat it! He may have to add roasted garlic and/or potent hot sauce but, by George, he will eat it!


Kelsey said...

You're pretty lucky, Aaron is a food snob. Unless I put on lots of butter (or add those sausages I told you about). But I can't always feel good about fattening my husband up.

Kelsey said...

PS Aaron says those garlics look tasty, and his mouth is watering. He corrects me: "those pickled jalepeno garlics look tasty". My bad :)

homegrown said...

so funny! I'm glad you two have eachother to cook and eat with!