Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another Zinger

Thanks to you, Flood, I may switch to a red-lentils-only diet. Actually, thanks to this amazing recipe you recommended. The good nutrition to good taste ratio is even higher than it was for the yam-rritos. You should make this soup, and quick. You will thank me, Flood, and the New York Times.

In other news, I find myself largely without will to live so, in lieu of doing things people who have a will to live do, I will remain home today, possibly clad in my union suit, reading this amazing book. For those of you who have been known to read cookbooks like novels, may I recommend it. I am borrowing it from Kate and Neil, bless their souls, while they are out of town and I intend to make every recipe in it before they get back on Monday. I have high hopes for this book because last night Kate and Neil had us over for dinner and we sampled four different recipes from the book (Kate and Neil must run on battery packs and stay up all night cooking, because I have no idea how anyone would have time for four new vegan recipes except for me, and I don't even have time for it). The point is, they were all really, really good. Especially the fake sloppy joes (lentils again! can you believe it?). So that's where I'll be, if you need me. Sitting on the couch reading about food i'm too lazy to make and eating clementines, the laziest food of all. Maybe one day I will have you all over and we will have fresh dill-basmati rice with chard and chickpeas, ancho-lentil soup with grilled pineapple, roasted fennel and hazelnut salad with shallot dressing, eggplant-potato moussaka with pine nut cream, and individual heart-shaped apple galettes. But we might just have clementines.


Jacki said...

You know full well clementines are not the easiest food to eat. Pull that pizza out of the closet and let's have at it.

Kate said...

I'll admit that those vegan quiches were too much work for any sane person make dinners like that every day and stay sane. But, boy were they tasty.