Monday, March 28, 2011


I once lived a semester in London
With some co-eds; one was a most fun one.
"Just keep eating!" she'd cry,
with a gleam in her eye
When we finished I looked like a rum bun.

And now, though I weep, scream, and shout,
my fetal, tyrranical lout
Will recant the same cry
That my friend once lived by
Forcing me to eat 'til I pass out.

Who wouldn't choose cheese over heaving?
Pie and pancakes, their looks are deceiving.
Though they bode for ill-health
To me they suggest wealth
For soon salad's all I'll be receiving.

A good sign, I think, that I have moved from haiku to limerick. Indicates more sleep is happening.

Forty weeks Thursday. Two and a half weeks max until I expel the venemous placenta of destruction.

In case we are not friends on Facebook, I should mention here that Ryan and I went to Babies R' Us on Saturday and the woman standing behind us in line, a mother of two, asked if we are expecting twins. Some may take this as an insult, but I choose to frame it as an acknowledgment of a good job done resplendently. With the help of cheese and pancakes.


Liz Johnson said...

Wow, impressive!! You have a poetic gift. And I am so excited for you to be done. You are going to rock this.

(also, I'll be in Utah in May. We must hang out and I MUST see wee Dweezil and hear all of the details of his expulsion OR ELSE.)

Jen said...

I gained the most weight over the shortest period of time in that 3-1/2 months that I gained in my entire college career. Even my mission to HAWAII spread the weight gain over a longer period of time.

"No Shame, Sistahs!"

The Dish said...

I am so excited for you. Honestly, I keep having babies for those first few moments. Good luck and can't wait to read to post pregnancy posts.