Saturday, October 16, 2010

A few things

First of all, you're welcome.

Second of all, I'm pregnant.

Third of all, this was my father's response:

Just a suggestion-

1. If it is a boy, don't name him "Lee".

2. If it's a girl, don't name her "Lea".

Also, hippie-era names such as "Moon Unit" have not stood the test of time well.
It's your choice, of course.
Keep me posted.

Love, Dad

Roger that, Dad. We're pretty sure we're going with Dweezil anyway.

I regret the time that has elapsed since I last posted. We took a most wonderful and memorable road trip through the pacific northwest and had such a marvelous time that I came home in a state of incubation. I spent the entirety of August and September rolling on the floor in agony, vomiting intermittently, marveling at the masochism of women who host more than one bloodthirsty blastocyst in their lifetimes. Adding insult to injury, our house was burglarized (all computers stolen) cementing the impossibility of blogging.

Your patience is appreciated.

I have made the unfortunate discovery that cheese pizza from Costco buys me several hours without the gags. Hopefully I'll feel better soon enough that this kid doesn't emerge composed entirely of cheese.

Comin' atcha April 2011...


Liz Johnson said...

Did you know that Dweezil wasn't originally named that? Apparently the hospital thought it was ridiculous, so what did his dad name him "officially" until he got his name legally changed several years later? "Ian."

(my dad is a huge Frank Zappa fan. this kind of crap was used as trivia during FHE lessons growing up.)

Long story short, our children are kindred spirits. It makes me so happy.

I am so grateful that you have a Costco nearby. May the vomit leave you swiftly, amen.

mummameea said...

Yay! So happy for you! Not happy that you are sick, but this too shall pass. You are going to have to change the title of your blog soon:)

Jacki said...

I was thinking yesterday about how much I liked the name "Leo" and how I was going to suggest it. But your dad has keenly pointed out my oversight.

Kate said...

You've got the world's best excuse to only eat cheese pizza for 9 months.

Drown yourself in it.


I've got dibs on "Palmyra."

M said...

Congrats, Pamy! Very exciting news. And hey, I'm glad about the cheese pizza; it's good that you found something that you're able to stomach.

I like that Tiny Home video a lot. They have a really great sound. The outdoor recording reminds both me and Jeremy of this music video by Bombay Bicycle Club:

Tara said...

Brilliant! Both the song and the news that you'll have the best excuse in the world for guilt-free indulgence. Can't wait to meet Dweezil.

betsey said...

Wondered where you have been. I'm okay with the absence, since you are growing a baby and everything. Your are forgiven. Just don't leave us alone that long again, okay?

Happy for you guys! Baby Lee is going to be wonderful. With a mom like you, how can't he/she be?

CK said...

First of all- I think I audibly screamed with delight when I read the second line of your post! CON-GRAT-U-LATIONS chica!
And second of all, I just rocked my baby to sleep, nursing and listening to All the Pretty Little Horses by Tiny House- it was a beautiful moment. And I happily reflected on the fact that you, too, will soon be rocking your little one to pretty music.
Sorry about the throw-up. Keep your eye on the Tiger, tiger.

ixoj said...


Chelsea said...

WHoopie! Congrats, I can't wait to hear about the pregnancy adventures you'll have :) You'll be a great mom

sterlingandbrandi said...

Congratulations!! I hope you feel better soon, I really do! Although for me, thinking of pregnancy combined with cheese pizza is nauseating me as I type!

Jen said...

I hope you feel better soon. I forget the nausea from the first trimester several weeks into the hormone high nausea free mid trimester, which is why I am working on numba three. Amnesia. You get it from labor, too. I remember thinking, "I can't have any more children. This is too hard," while giving birth to Grace, but I cannot recall the sensation of any of the pain. I do recall that moment that she came out, though. I was pretty sure that I was the awesomest thing that ever lived on the green or brown earth.

You could go for a Utah name, like Ryamy or Amyan.

Carolyn said...

Congratulations! What great news! I'm so sorry you've been feeling sick. It's the worst! I hope it clears up for you soon. I literally lived for 2 weeks on nothing but chocolate milk and Elizabeth came out made of neither chocolate (too bad!) nor milk. I just had to keep telling myself that millions of women had survived pregnancy before me so it must be doable. But nothing about it is pleasant, in my experience, except for the part where you get a baby out of it. And that truly does make it all worth it! Good luck!

Kristin said...

Amy, I'm so very happy for you. I can't wait to hear all about it. Although, if you're anything like me, blogging is the first thing to go once I get pregnant.

phin said...

AMY! This is lovely! Congrats a thousand times!

homegrown said...

I'm glad to hear that cheese pizza is the cure!
Sorry to hear you are having a very rough pregnancy :(

ego non said...

Fer perf! Congrats. I long to give you a lil' squeeze.

Katie Bit said...

Having not looked at your blog in too many moons, allow me to offer you a hearty congratulations.

During my pregnancy, I must have said at least 50 times to Brett, "I can't believe I have to do this again." Now that I'm post-pregnancy, I still can't believe it.