Monday, August 3, 2009


In a recent post I claimed I was unemployed. An observant friend reminded me that I am actually just underemployed, which is very true. The issue, now, is whether to remain underemployed.

Today I received an email from my boss that Salt Lake County's police department has a position open for a part time Victim Advocate (domenstic and sexual abuse, I think). I currently work as a victim advocate for a local non-profit, but it is an on-call position so the schedule is very unpredictable and the hours are few (except for this weekend when I did five cases in eighteen hours. Sheesh, Salt Lake.) Beginning the first of September, I will become the Hospital Response Team Leader, meaning I will take on some additional responsibilities and hours, but nothing overwhelming. When I saw the position at the police department available, I was intrigued because I have only seen the realities of sexual violence through the Feminist paradigm employed at Rape Recovery Center. I have a feeling that participating in this system through the avenue of Law Enforcement would be pretty interesting and informative. I think I could learn a lot, and that having multiple perspectives would ultimately benefit my clients both places.

Even though this position doesn't exactly command a princely wage, ever since BOTH Ryan and I quit our jobs the thought of a steady anything seems appealing. Especially with all the recent IHOP visits to pay for.

However, last year I worked two jobs and was EXHAUSTED. My brain couldn't keep up. I stopped working out, I didn't cook food, my house was a mess, I neglected all my relationships. I was completely overwhelmed. And profoundly cranky.

This year, I will be taking fewer classes, but I will also be working on my thesis. I want to say that I can find twenty extra hours in there, but I'm scared that I will hate my life again. This summer has been so happy and carefree. Ryan and I have been the BFFs we were meant to be, and I have reconnected other important relationships, too. And I ate some peaches.

What would you do?


Jen said...

As a SAHM who basically watches soap operas and eats bon-bons all day, I am totally unqualified to advise. But you asked, so I would say go with your gut.

If the gut says yea and you find yourself cranky a few months in you can always quit as a Christmas present to yourself and to some other under- or unemployed advocate. Just keep asking yourself at what point eustress becomes distress. (Mostly just wanted to say eustress there.)

amy said...

Jen, those soap operas and bon-bons are making you wise and funny. So consistent, you, with the gut-going advice. I can see the momliness all over you. And I like it.

Kate said...

Full-time jobs are for the birds... that said, you probably could teach those coppas a thing or two.

Plus, you're a homeowner now. You've got grown-up responsibilities. Plus, you need to save up to come visit us in DC. So we can go to Tastee Diner, eat animal products and laugh at less cynical times.

My vote is go for it. They'll probably hire a Latina anyways... who's kidding whom?

[at least that's what they did when I applied for the VA job in Provo... granted, she likely had much more experience than me (since I had none) but, I'll just keep thinking that her Spanish was better & that's why]

Jill said...

I would apply for it and just see what happens. Quit as soon as you have enough money to visit me

Zillah said...

apply for it, see what happens, and if you get it, choose one of your jobs. what's the point in being miserable?

Wren said...

20 hours is actually A LOT of time when you're already in school and thesis-creating...

I, too, have realized the bountiful benefits of reacquainting myself with the bf. He's pretty rad and I think he deserves way more than the crumbs of time I had left over for him during the school year.

Boys are, like, fun!