Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Again with the neighborhood

In my last post, I attempted an illustration of our new (neighbor) 'hood. Thankfully, this morning, Providence provided me with better illustration than I ever could have dreamed.

This weekend, Ryan's family is in California and they tasked us with taking their Very Fancy Car to be repaired while they were away. They dropped it off about three days ago and we left it parked across the street until we had a chance to take it to the shop, which turned out to be this morning. Imagine our delight to find this note, which I have transcribed as closely as possible for your enjoyment, written on the back of an envelope, tucked under the windshield wiper:

Please If ur visisting Across The Street please park there we don't take other peoples parking & we would Appreciate If u done the same (thanx) Our brother Died & we need all our parking space for family members That our coming In. From out of town. Please do not park Here. We do not park in There Front yard if we Did they would be complaining About our cars Its only Right u park were u live or visit we Have Family that live In these 2 Houses & the Red Apartment Building next 2 us & we don't Take each others parking
PS we Took ur licence Plate (number If we need it)

Pity they don't know that street parking is public parking. And ur welcome.


betsey said...

I like the ps threat best of all. A closing of hostility is a great way to end a note.

Kate said...

Clash of the classes!

J and Rachel Kirkham said...


Aby Runyan said...

OK, so it's not that I'm defending the crazies.

Maybe just a little bit though.

I can't tell you how NUTS it drives Jeff and myself when people constantly park in front of or to the side of our house for no reason at all.

Sooooo. . . maybe they ain't suchin' bad fulks afterin' all. Maybe theys jez dont likes it whens pepples culd park in fronten there own house but dont.

I'm just sayin'.

luvs, aby

Jasmine said...

i was worried to continue reading after "we parked fancy car across teh street". though the damage was not as bad as my mind quickly assumed, the note is classic. love it.

e said...

Holy crapping funny.