Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I have claimed to be a childless housewife, and this is more or less true, or has been more or less true. I have a very flexible schedule, as I work from home, and all of my other life's occupations and amusements are housewifely. I sit around and check out people's etsy sites, search for recipes, and complain about how my 250 sq. foot apartment is never quite clean enough. I volunteer for worthy causes, I go to the local gym as often as I can muster and, in culmination, I have a blog for to post the mundanities of my existence.

But the winds of change are a blowin' and if I am to maintain my integrity, I better come clean. Come fall, I will have two jobs and be a full-time student. I picked up a second job, one that requires me to leave our apartment, and school starts in precious few months. I am getting busy. Although I thought my new ventures would provide me funny stories about which I could blog and amuse my mother (Hi Mom!), it hasn't panned out.

My second job is working at a small NGO called the ESL Center, in their computer lab. Anyone who knows me is already enjoying a good belly laugh at the thought of me helping anyone to use a computer, and right you are. I sit there, helplessly thumbing through manuals of programs designed to teach English to pre-literate Burundians, and hoping they can't recognize that I am taking longer than usual. It's a challenge, and a boring one, but I hope to get a solution going any minute now.

So, that's it. Just wanted to come clean and explain my absence. I will try to look for the fun and funny in my new occupations so I can keep up the blogging.

Oh, and I think the bat-b-que might take place this weekend. More on that to come.


Adriana said...

sister, I somehow fell into a second ESL job too.. it's been fun because you can do basically anything and as long as its in English, it's instructive! Here's a link to web-based learning if your interested: http://a4esl.org/

amy said...

thanks for the heads up, adriana! i am banking pretty heavily on the "as long as it's english, it's instructive" principle myself :)