Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Vain indeed

I find myself in quite the quandary. It seems that people no longer see each other's actual faces, but instead keep in touch through elaborate, artistic, eloquent blogging acrobatics. I sometimes think I should just buy a bus ticket to go visit my estranged friends rather than simply visiting their blogs and calling it good. Still, I find I am surprisingly able to keep up on the daily excitements of children whom I have never met, admire homes which I have never seen, copy recipes I have never smelled nor tasted, and covet household crafty creations I would never dare attempt myself. Blogs can be, really, quite fun.

I would wager many of these friends to not even know that they are being kept in touch with, but I sure like to amuse myself by reading about their life's adventures, all the while ignoring the dearth of my own. Although I believe Thoreau got it right, and it is better to get moving than to get blogging, it's easier to blog than to move. So here we go: ready, set, blog.

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