Friday, September 9, 2011

My identity

This morning, I woke up in the bed where I co-sleep with my exclusively breastfed child, changed his hemp cloth diaper, and set about my primary objective for the day, which is cleaning my carpet with this non-toxic, homemade method. I ran out of salt, so I went to our locally-sourcing natural foods market, traipsed around with my kid in a sling while wearing vibram fivefingers, and took home my salt, plus some chocolate almond milk, for a treat, in my reusable canvas bags.

But I'm no hippie.

In college, I was frequently teased for being a fake hippie, because I was. I listened to phish CDs I bought at barnes and noble, rather than bootlegged myself on tour, in the Toyota previa I purchased, rather than a vintage VW bus. I ate vegetarian food I bought at target and Costco. I wore Birkenstocks purchased via amazon and had shipped to my air-conditioned house.

It has been a life of conflict and hypocrisy.

This is why I am grateful for the green mommy movement. Never before have my interests in Eco- and health-friendly lifestyle choices been so beautifully blended with my uptight and neurotic personality. Now I can keep orderly and extensive boards of recipes, DIY projects, and unschooling ideas on Pinterest. I can follow vegan cooking blogs on my google reader and read then on my iPhone while I'm nursing. It's AWESOME.

I am not alone.

Relatedly, if obliquely, I have had a few observant friends mention the obsolescence of my blog title. Touché, I am indeed no longer childless (though I have also not been a housewife for four years and nobody noticed; perhaps therein lies a commentary on female identity perception in the US). However, I am contemplating new options. The blog does need a new name. A couple that now spring to mind are:

1. Amy's breastaurant: all-you-can-eat, open 24/7

2. No Regrets: Trading a life of ease, luxury, and lunch dates for a life of domestic servitude without a moment's regret

As you can see, I'm having trouble coming up with something I find as punchy as Childless Housewife, but I'll keep working on it.


andi said...

I vote breastaurant...very accurate.

And I thought your Previa was totally was your Mane and Tail shampoo :)

Liz Johnson said...

Seriously, though... what IS a housewife?!

I vote for something about your enormous boobs. "Head, shoulders, boobs and toes?" No?

Kelsey said...

The housewife formerly known as childless and employed? The glamorous life of a childed housewife?

Jacki said...

Kelsey wins with formerly childless. Ha!

So glad you blogged.

Jen said...

I was going to vote for formerly childless, too, but I think you can be even more creative than that. Something about the practical + hippie sides of you.

Also, I noticed that you weren't the traditional "housewife," but really, who is? I am a housewife, but I also work for Alex, sew, bottle, and do a variety of odd things that don't necessarily fall under that umbrella.

I see no hypocrisy or conflict. You live deliberately. That is transcendentally awesome.