Friday, May 13, 2011

Counting my blessings

Babies make the best faces before they have muscle control. It's awesome.

I have many blessings to be thankful for. Too many to name or even conceptualize. I am probably not aware of 99% of them.

But there is one of which I am keenly aware. I AM NO LONGER PREGNANT.

I may not have slept more than three consecutive hours in six weeks, I may have needed bonus stitches in my sitting parts three weeks postpartum, I may have a case of mystery eczema that might preclude eating dairy (mixed blessing, I know), I may not be able to wear non-maternity pants for another several months, I may be insuranceless when my Medicaid runs out in two weeks, I may be unable to return any of the phone calls from loving friends wanting to check in because any minute a squalling baby may demand milk from its original source, but I DON'T CARE. Because I, my lovelies, am not pregnant.

There is no bliss to match the bliss of not being pregnant anymore. Some women feel lovely and fecund and mysterious when they are pregnant, but for me it was just a series of new kinds of pain and discomfort, compounding one another's effects over a forty week span and ending in pain that defies description. So I'm happy it's over. Real happy!

In other news, Forrest and I had our six week postpartum visit yesterday. He weighed in at an impressive 12 lb, 4 oz, meaning his weight has increased by 50% while mine has decreased by 25%. When our midwife announced Forrest's weight, I looked surprised and she, gesturing to the visible fruits of lactation, said, "Well, he is feeding at one of the seven wonders of the world!"

My boobs rival Giza's pyramids. Literally and figuratively.

Life is good. I'm not pregnant, I have a sleepy, hungry little nursling, and spring is springing just as I am regaining hope of eventual mobility. Things are looking up around here.

Visitors welcome :) I only work 6 hours a week!


Mae, aka 'Mary Ellen' said...

Amy, he's beautiful! How wonderful for you!

Autumn and Barrett said...

Is it wrong that my first reaction is to want a visual of the boobs that even the doc couldn't help commenting on? A clothed, family friendly visual of course. This isn't the Great Salt Lake after all.

the Schrofs... said...

Well said my friend! I am in week 39 of that ugly thing called pregnancy. This storm better put me out of my mysery or else the child's name will be Cosmo, just for spite. Love your blog by the way, so nice to have a little Amy in my life!

Aby Runyan said...


What an intense birth story, you are amazing for making it through that!

Rome was tongue tied. Have you had Forrest's clipped yet? The docs wouldn't do it for Rome. . . so we did it ourselves. Yeah, that's right. Don't worry, they used to do it all the time in the old days (the midwife would often have a long fingernail or something else she'd use). We did it with shaking hands and pounding hearts as Rome slept. Honestly he never woke up and there was one whole drop of blood. If you do it when they are tiny then there are hardly any blood vessels to worry about. Anyway, it was nuts but we've be so happy we had the guts to do it ever since. I mean, the poor baby couldn't even stick his tongue out! He still can't stick it out nearly as far as the other kids. So if the docs try and tell you it will stretch, don't believe them.

Congrats again, he's beautiful!
luvs, aby

Jen said...

I am happy for you. I hope all continues to go well and that the blues will leave you alone. He is an adorable little guy.

Rachel Kirkham said...

Bless this post. For real, you described the joy of not being pregnant to perfection. I love everything you choose to be! P.S LOVE the red hair. Where does one procure Henna hair dye?